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Free internet access info from Comcast...

***In order for the discounted services, your student MUST be on free/reduced lunch or have Medicaid or Snap Benefits

**This free service is only available to customers that do not currently have a Comcast account and/or have not had a previous account with past-due bills.

Here are the steps to take to get 2 free months of internet and free installation (after 2 months it is $10 bucks/month):

1. Call Xfinity (800) 934-6489

2. Listen to the automated message about internet assistance program

3. Will be given a website to go through to sign up services website walks you though step by step and you can do this on a cell phone if you have data or are somewhere with WiFi

4. Through website, you will schedule the free installation or choose to be mailed the equipment which  should arrive in 3-5 days. If they come out to install, it takes around 10 minutes of someone being inside, and 30-45 minutes of them working outside.

NOTE: Parents do NOT have to provide proof or the student being on Free or Reduced Lunch. If you qualify for Snap/Medicaid, that should be sufficient.

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